Our schools

Mission y vission

We seek to shape well-rounded individuals within a climate of closeness, freedom and responsibility in accordance with a Christian vision of humanity.

Our motto “SEMPER ALTIUS” means “ever higher” in Latin and expresses our aspiration to strive every day to achieve the best possible integral development of each pupil as expressed through physical, intellectual, moral and religious excellence.

This is an ambitious goal, but there could be no other: if parents entrust their children to us, it is so that we will give them our very best.

Aware that parents are the first and foremost educators of their children and have nothing but their best interests at heart, we are committed to working closely with parents as co-educators.

Educational model

Our pedagogical method is based on organisation by competences and can be adapted to a wide range of learning paces, ensuring in the process that our students receive genuine personalised guidance. This approach is both integral and cross-cutting. It enables our students to relate individual bits of knowledge and, more importantly, specific life situations to each other. It is an active and participative teaching methodology that inspires reflection and critical thinking on the part of our students. It is training for active and responsible cyber-citizenship which makes good use of the internet’s learning and socialisation potential. Our evaluation is continuous and promotes a metacognition of the entire learning process, as opposed to an exclusive emphasis on results. As a Catholic school, our pastoral focus is experiential. It starts with basic existential questions, to which our pupils will discover answers that are consistent with the affirmations of our faith. Finally, it is a type of education that goes beyond the classroom, as the entire school and extracurricular environment were built with learning in mind.

Our PUC – or Pre-University (Baccalaureate) Counselling service – is designed to provide students with the best professional orientation to be found anywhere. Students obtain work experience at a company for a week (Work Experience) and attend literary workshops, professional and academic orientation talks, leisure-time alternative activities and open days at universities. Regnum Christi schools’ affiliation with Cambridge International Examinations guarantees our students an education with an international perspective and abundant opportunities, since Cambridge offers more qualifications and programmes to students aged 5-19 than any other institution in the world. We are committed to solidarity, as evidenced by our many compassionate humanitarian and missionary aid programmes.


Classrooms at Regnum Christi Schools are equipped with digital whiteboards, projectors and educational iPads (as part of the iPad Mobile Learning project). Our facilities include computer rooms, laboratories, a swimming pool, an auditorium, sports courts, multi-sports centres, a technology workshop and a chapel.


School transport service, in-school kitchen, dining room, extended hours service, infirmary, psycho-pedagogical office.

RC Camps

We have a complete summer of camps, unforgettable experiences in an ideal environment of formation and accompaniment that you are looking to give your children.

Highlands Los Frenos, through CampamentosRC, offers a complete range of camps for boys and girls organized by ages and themes that allow your children to learn, have fun, and form themselves while enjoying their vacation.

Every year Regnum Christi in Spain updates all the information about the camps it organizes through its schools and its youth clubs, as well as options to participate in missions aimed at young people over 16 years of age.

Catholic atmosphere, healthy friendships, safe environments

Regnum Christi camps offer healthy activities and safe environments. They are a vital experience that help our students grow in maturity, responsibility and freedom. They learn to enjoy themselves, to engage with others, and forge healthy friendships.

Personal accompaniment of formators and counselors

Your children will have in these camps the personal accompaniment of formators and counselors seek to attend and care for each child. RC Camps are a support for your children to achieve the best version of themselves in the time of rest and relaxation of summer vacation.

Extra-curricular Activities

We organise numerous activities to help students learn – in addition to English – other languages such as French, Chinese and German. We promote participation in organised activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, paddle tennis, tennis, dance, rhythmic gymnastics, judo, fencing, athletics, swimming and horse riding.  We emphasise the development of varied kinds of intelligence, as exemplified by our programmes in robotics, chess, competitive debate and Kumon. We also offer artistic and cultural activities including theatre, ballet, music, guitar, piano and painting. Our centres organise their own Summer School programmes, as well as school trips geared towards comprehensive education and social action activities. Other activities include catechesis, prayer groups as well as those designed as preparation for the sacraments, First Communion and Confirmation.