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Private, Catholic and bilingual schools

We are a network of formative centres whose mission is to offer the student an integral formation based on academic excellence and personal guidance. We seek to forge integral people within a climate of proximity, liberty and responsibility, according to the principles of Christian Humanism.

Our formative model encompasses four areas: spiritual formation, formation in virtues, social participation and formative discipline, whose development contributes to fostering personal maturity and the acquisition of human virtues. Our goal is for each pupil to reach their full potential and to understand the world, expressing themselves fluently in both Spanish and English.

Today, the Regnum Christi offers a network of 123cschools and 14 universities worldwide with more than 60 years of experience. In Spain, this network comprises seven schools in addition to the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid. In addition, it has five language academies in the United States, Ireland and Switzerland, and the Juan Pabllo II Institute in Mexico.