We speak 3!

This year, our school Reial Monestir de Santa Isabel, following the line we have already started in P1, we have increased the English hours in P2. Taking into account the development of the brain from 0 to 3 years, we know that they are at the best age to create a good foundation that leads to a natural pronunciation in the future.

Our 2-year-old classes are 40% in English this year, and this allows children to develop their understanding and expression in this language, in the most natural way, in parallel with the development of their mother tongue.

That’s why we have increased the English speaking staff. Each English teacher’s time is divided between two groups. In addition to the psychomotricity and English sessions, they accompany the kids in playgrounds, lunch time, nap times and hygiene, so that the atmosphere of our «ducks» is really trilingual.